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        Until few weeks ago, I was able to sign my electron app(for mac) and distribute among the team. I was doing code sign and then notarize through xcrun altool command.


        But from last week, I am able to do code signing but not notarization. I am getting the following error.



        [2019-09-29 22:17:30 IST] <main> ERROR: You must first sign the relevant contracts online. (1048)

        [2019-09-29 22:17:30 IST] <main> DBG-X: The error code is: 1048

        [2019-09-29 22:17:30 IST] <main>  INFO: JSON:{"msg":{"phase":"Upload","count":2,"description":"Operation failed","index":2},"messageType":"VerifyProgress"}


        I logged in as account holder and verified if there are any new agreements/contract that I need accept but none were there. There were no major configuration changes during this period. Not sure why this stopped notarization. Please help me in this regard.