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        I am trying to get a good list of all of the developers I have registered in my program.  The best way to do that would be the "List Users" API.  however, following the workflow to enable that API leads you to a dead-end in generating the JWT token.


        Changing from our Enterprise Program to our regular Program, I can tell there is a "Keys" section on the People tab that is not enabled for the Enterprise Developer Program.


        Is there any way to get the API for the Enterprise Developer Program??

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          Hello bretzie,

          Unfortunately, this functionality is not currently available for Enterprise developer accounts. However, I would recommend putting in a Feature Request like I have as the more developers that request this the higher up it will move on Apple's priority list of tools to provide to developers.


          Clearly you can do this through the App Store Connect portal like we always have, but it would be nice to do this programatically as we can for regular App Store accounts.


          Apologies that I dont have an answer but hopefully this helps!