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        I'm trying to upload an .IPA file to the AppStore. Since the Application Loader has been removed, I use the following command in the terminal: xcrun altool --upload-app --type ios --file "/Users/XXX/Downloads/Release/de.XXX.App.iOS.ipa" --username "XXX@icloud.com" --password "XXX" --verbose.


        But nothing happens, stuck at "The app is uploaded to the AppStore" (if I try it over Visual Studio for Mac). Last Lines in Log:


        2019-09-28 12:46:37.422 altool[89190:5921740] Web service call (validateSoftwareSPIUsage) result: (null)
        2019-09-28 12:46:37.549 altool[89190:5921740] Using template named: purple-metadata-template
        2019-09-28 12:46:37.551 altool[89190:5921749] Sending request to iTunesTransporter...
        2019-09-28 12:46:37.551 altool[89190:5921749]     Command: /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/SharedFrameworks/ContentDeliveryServices.framework/Versions/A/itms/bin/iTMSTransporter
        2019-09-28 12:46:37.551 altool[89190:5921749]   Arguments: -m upload -u 'XXX@icloud.com' -vp json -TxHeaders eyJqZXXXJvdXRlIjoicHYifQ== -sessionid @env:FD1D93F3-F3E5-4D58-92EA-AEB97F7D76A3 -sharedsecret @env:XXXX -f '/var/folders/_1/7_lm5w6j5px21sd311p2g7340000gn/T/871XXXXD47C9796/1219768922.itmsp' -indicator true -v eXtreme -Dtransporter.client='altool' -Dtransporter.client.version='4.00 (1181)'
        2019-09-28 12:46:41.539 altool[89190:5921732] [2019-09-28 12:46:41 MESZ]   INFO: Configuring logging...
        2019-09-28 12:46:41.550 altool[89190:5921732] [2019-09-28 12:46:41 MESZ]   INFO: Logging level set to eXtreme


        What I already tried:

        - Firewall off

        - other internet connection

        - Java Update

        - all updates (XCode, Mac, Visual Studio, Mono)

        - all profiles new, old profiles deleted and revoked



        No network activity during upload.