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        I just launched Touchgram v1.0 last week, which is 99% iMessage app extension, and am trying to update to XCode11.


        I'm now getting an error `open(_:options:completionHandler:) is unavailable in application extensions`


        I have confirmed this occurs even in a trivial sample that tries to launch a web URL from an iMessage app:


        For example:

                let openSel = #selector(UIApplication.open(_:options:completionHandler:))
                while (responder != nil){
                    if responder?.responds(to: openSel ) == true{
                        // cannot package up multiple args to openSel so we explicitly call it on the iMessage application instance
                        // found by iterating up the chain
                        (responder as? UIApplication)?.open(url, completionHandler:handler)  // perform(openSel, with: url)
                    responder = responder!.next

        This is fairly dire as it prevents building even a trivial update.

        This technique is used to launch our Settings app as well as linking to web pages from messages.



        thanks, Andy Dent