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        Problem :


        1 - Device is not shown in Safari when iOS device is connected and opened on a Safari Page.

        2 - I can see in Xcode that device is well detected by OSX.

        3 - it Stopped to work since Safari 13 release.


        Expected behavior :

        - See my connected device in OSX Safari to inspect it


        How can i make it work ?




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          I’m having the same problem. Xcode updated, Safari updated and also tried the Safari Technology Preview!

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            The same problem here.

            Sometimes (with my iPad pro 10.5) it helps to power down the tablet and power it on whilst being connected to the Mac via USB. The same procedure does not do the trick with my iPhone Xs. The phone will show up in the dev menu after booting only to disappear again after unlocking the phone and the SIM.

            (Safari 13.0.1 / iOS 13.1.1 / iPadOS 13.1.1)

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              I'm having the same issue, Been through several, rounds of revoking then reapplying the "Trust this device" options, weirdly, it would allow me to see Web Inspector Content up to the point I would enter my passcode on my phone and then, as soon as I did my device would disappear from the develop menu.

              I don't have solid, reproducable proof yet but I saw in some other thread that theres an issue with the Charge status. So if your phone is at 100% charge (which being connected via the usb cable is quite likely) you won't see it listed in the Develop menu, but this morning with my phone at 46% charge there it was.

              That said the experience is still very erratic so it might not be as simple as that.