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        macOS part of Tk (https://core.tcl-lang.org)is coded in cocoa. It works great... but for now, each graphical update require all the NSView to be updated.


        you can have a look to the code here:


        the draw is triggered by GenerateUpdates() which is initially called by generateExposeEvents().

        This schema is ok as it's deeply linked with Tcl event loop.

        but, as for each mouse mouvement or whatever all the GUI is triggered to be updated it is not so good.


        There's a bugfix branch here https://core.tcl-lang.org/tk/info/d741ac0ae2886bfe

        where the purpose is to reduce the size or the damagedRegion in order to not update all the window but only needed parts.





        so here's my question:

        is there's some cocoa expert that can have a look and tell me if it's the right way to improve Tk or not...



        best regards,