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        I am trying to upload my app to TestFlight, which using CoreNFC


        Unfortunately, I got the error message on Testflight Validate part in (SDK version 13 and 13.1).


        I already tried [this]: Xcode 11 beta can't upload app to TestFlight

        but it will Lose NDEF function [this]: https://stackoverflow.com/a/58128365/5588637


        Error messages: Invalid entitlement for core nfc framework The sdk version 13.0 and min OS version 13.0 are not compatible for the entitlement 'com. Apple developer nfc. Readersession formats because NDEF is disallowed


        I already choose target iOS 13.1 in XCode, but also have this error.


        image 1: https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/19588517/65782718-dceb9180-e180-11e9-88d9-d21c2dcb5701.png

        image 2: https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/19588517/65782843-263be100-e181-11e9-8639-48fb64c5e08d.png