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        Hi All,


        So, I have an app with splash screen using an image (say LaunchScreen.jpg) from assets folder. That image (LaunchScreen.jpg) is then put to the LaunchScreen.storyboard.


        After a while, I updated the image with a new image (say LaunchScreenV2.jpg). However, I still see the old image (LaunchScreen.jpg).


        This affect all the users who are upgrading from the old version to the new one. I understand they can just delete the app and install it again to solve the problem. But it seems doesn't make sense for most users. We can't just ask the user, "Hey, just delete the app to make sure all the LaunchScreens are fresh.)


        I have tired to rename the LaunchScreen.storyboard to something else, upgrade Xcode to 11 GM, clean the build folder, deleted derived data, move the LaunchScreenV2.jpg to the root folder rather than assets folder, remove the launch screen file again and add it back, using the static Launch Image in the assets folder, etc.


        None of them works. Any more ideas? Thanks.