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        Dear Apple developer community,


        i am trying to successfully use the device to device migration feature which was introduced in iOS 12.4


        I am a developer for a mobile client management solution and we have the problem that we cannot use this feature when DEP devices are involed. As long as we use devices which are not included in the DEP program, we can directly migrate our data from one device to another.


        It doesn't matter if the source and target devices are supervised or not. (both devices iOS 13.1)


        We do not use the DEP profile setting "DeviceToDeviceMigration" to skip this setup step.

        We do not use the configuration profile restriction "allowProximitySetupToNewDevice" (default true)

        So in theory, there should be no problem using this feature.


        When i leave the DEP program with the target device, I can again use the feature.


        Is there anything we are missing or is this a bug in iOS 13.1?