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        Sometimes iPhone 11 Pro zoom turns jumpy/jittery when it transitions between ultrawide <--> wide angle camera. This is reproducible with native camera app on iOS 13.1 as well. I have filed a bug (FB7326554) to highlight the issue which has a screen recording from native camera app as well.


        Here is YouTube video of the issue:




        Apple Engineers -- any known workaround in AVFoundation for this serious issue? Or is this an issue with the device I have?

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          I don't know if this is a bug per se -- two things are happening, you are transitioning from digital zoom on one lens to optical on the next.  And you are changing from a lens in one position to a lens that is slightly shifted in space (different location on the back of the phone).  For a long range target, this will be almost negligible (distance between cameras << distance between lenses).  When close up as you show in your video, however, it's more obvious and annoying.

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            Speaking to Apple Engineers ?

            So, this is something to report to Apple support more than on this forum.