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        Since we upgraded to Xcode 11.1 now we are having a lot of UI tests failing due to the Swipe function not working anymore. For example, trying to swipe left on a table cell fails with:



        Unable to perform Swipe left on Cell at {{0.0, 369.0}, {375.0, 94.0}}: visible frame is empty, which may happen if the element is offscreen.



        But is not only on table cells but also on scrollviews, staticText and so on.


        In some cases we are able to replace with XCUIApplication().swipeUp/Left etc but in other cases, for example interacting with a particular table cell (swipeLeft) the alternative will not work for us.


        Is anyone else experiencing this?


        Can we get some Apple devs to look into it? The XCUITest framework changed a lot with Xcode 11 betas and GMs and it's pretty flaky