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        Hi, I have a question about best practices for abuse.


        First, some background info. My company has a few mobile apps that tie into our services. People subscribe to our service.


        Suppose that someone purchased an auto-renewable subscription through in-app purchase (IAP).


        Here's the question. In a worst case scenario, when my company detects abuse, we may terminate the user's account; i.e. their access to our services. How should we notifiy or follow up with Apple? Is there a standard procedure? Ideally, we want the subscription and billing to end. If that person contacts Apple support, it would help if Apple knows that we closed the account for abuse, without having to contact my company and ask what's up.


        I have searched documentation and forums, but have come up short of an answer.


        Can you please advise or point me in the right direction? Thank you in advance.