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        Since the last few days, after the installation of the latest XCode 11 (GM1, GM2, appstore), I have big problems with icloud drive syncing my projects that contains a git directory.


        From times to times (i believe, after I change the sources, or commit a task) iCloud forces a complete upload/dowloads of all my sources (even the ones outside the folder of my project) and that takes forever / slows my internet connection.


        Also, this sync messes up my git :

        The invisible ".git" folder (that xcode creates inside my project directory) , is automatically renamed by iCloud to a "git 2" file that is not a real folder anymore.


        Am a the only one this this very annoying problem and is there something to fix it ?

        Until then it was perfectly possible to have a git source control (proposed by XCode) coexist with icloud drive backup.