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        I was currently developing an application using Xcode 10.  I am pretty new to the Xcode development scene but was making some nice progress.  The project has various view controllers (all portrait mode) which are linked together using seques.  Last night my MAC did an automatic upgrade to XCode 11.0 (11 A420a).   When I opened my project today I see all the view controllers (except the root/main view controller) are no longer aligned with the "outline box".  The view controller form (where you can place buttons, labels, etc..) has moved a little lower/down, outside the view controler rectangle region.  Each view controller shows a grey bar at the top of it now.  Anyway, as a result, when I run my project and activate the view controller pages, I can no longer see the bottom part of the active view controller display so can no longer see the controls (buttons, labels, etc..) located at the very bottom part of the view controller display.


        I do not know how to drag the view controller form display back into alignment with the rectangle region which outlines where the view controller should be located on the main storyboard.


        I tried including a picture, to this forum post, of a couple view controllers from my project to show the issue but the picture is not seen when the post is submitted  :>(


        This issue can be reproduced creating a brand new project in XCode 11 as well by doing the following:


        1) Create a new project in XCode 11 for Swift storyboard (File/New/Project)

        2) Open the Object Library and add a Button to the main view controller which is provided by default

        3) Open the Object Library again and add a new/second view controller to the project.  The view controller alignment looks normal here.

        4) Create a "Seque" from the button on the main view controller to the new/second view controller you added

        5) You should now notice the second view controller alignment has shifted lower in the outline rectangle

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          I can confirm the same problem after upgrade.  Hope it is a bug that is corrected quickly.


          When I changed presentation from "automatic" to "Full Screen" it is back to normal.

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              Thanks for the tip.   At least I can continue developing now  :>)


              I can confirm if you change the View Controller "Presentation" setting to one of the following values then the alignment is corrected:


                Full Screen

                Current Context

                Over Full Screen

                Over Current Context


              if you change the View Controller "Presentation" setting to one of the following values then the misalignment issue returns:



                Page Sheet

                Form Sheet


              Since I am quite new to Xcode development, I am not sure the ramifications of moving from "Automatic" to "Full Screen" though.


              I still consider this to be an issue which needs to be corrected though, of course.

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                  No ramification to fear. It is just that the default presentation mode has changed.

                  The change asociated to this is that when you return from the top view, viewDidAppear is not called anymore…


                  The goal is to tell users that they come from another view.

                  Personally, I switch to full screen, I find this small bar at top confusing and not really nice looking.


                  Note that when you have navigationController, you must set the full screen for the navigation controller. All views accessed in nav will show full screen, even though XCode shows them offset to the bottom. A minor IB bug probably.