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        It appears since the release of iOS 13 on September 19th 2019 that APNS has introduced a new bug with the apns-push-type header that is provided when sending push notifications.


        The documentation states that this header should be set to either 'alert' or 'background' depending on the type of notification.


        I implemented this as described for my VoIP notifications, however APNS fails to send the notifications with an InvalidPushType error. This happens no matter what value I enter for this header, except for an undocumented value of 'voip'.


        It also appears that omitting this header works as expected.


        Please advise on the correct course of action:


        1) Omit the header until the bug in APNS is fixed

        2) Use a header value of 'voip' (undocumented)


        Can anyone confirm that the APNS team is aware of this issue?


        Thank you!