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        Dear Apple Developer team,

        We're using CryptoSwift to encrypt password:

        private func encryptAESCBC(rawText: String,
                                       key: String) -> String {
                let iv = Data(count: 16)
                do {
                    let keyData = Data(hex: key)
                    print("keyData: \(keyData.bytes)")
                    let aes = try AES(key: keyData.bytes, blockMode: CBC(iv: iv.bytes), padding: .pkcs7)
                    let cipherPassword = try aes.encrypt(Array(rawText.utf8)).toHexString()
                    print("cipherPassword: \(cipherPassword)")
                    return cipherPassword
                catch {
                    return ""


        Building with Xcode below 11, everything is good. But If we build it with XCode 11 cipherPassword returned an unexpected result in 32-bit devices.

        Then we tried to convert to use CommonCrypto, It returned unexpected result in 32-bit devices also.

        - (NSData *)makeCryptedVersionWithKeyData:(const void*)keyData ofLength:(int)keyLength decrypt:(bool)decrypt
            // Copy the key data, padding with zeroes if needed
            char key[kKeySize];
            bzero(key, sizeof(key));
            memcpy(key, keyData, keyLength > kKeySize ? kKeySize : keyLength);
            size_t bufferSize = [self length] + kCCBlockSizeAES128;
            void* buffer = malloc(bufferSize);
            size_t dataUsed;
            char cIv[kCCBlockSizeAES128];
            bzero(cIv, kCCBlockSizeAES128);
            CCCryptorStatus status = CCCrypt(decrypt ? kCCDecrypt : kCCEncrypt,
                                             key, kKeySize,
                                             [self bytes], [self length],
                                             buffer, bufferSize,
             return [NSData dataWithBytesNoCopy:buffer length:dataUsed];

        But If we build it using XCode 10.2.1 everything is okay, However, we upload app into AppStore connect and download by TestFlight in 32-bit devices. It returned unexpected result in 32-bit devices also. We guest after Apple update AppStore connect at Sept 10, 12 that using XCode 11 to rebuild binary with uploaded bitcode. So if we upload a build (xcode 10.2.1) without bitcode into AppStore connect and download by TestFlight everything will okay.

        Just happened on 32-bit iPhone devices, 64-bit iPhone devices are good.