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        The clang builtins for source file location (e.g.  like __builtin_FILE()) don't seem to be present even with Xcode 11 beta.


        They've been in clang++ upstream release for some time now.  When will they be made available in Xcode Clang?


        They can be used to implement a functional std::source_location even without C++20 library support, which while not a "show stopper", is certainly far superior to the tradition preprocessor based method of obtaining this information (hence its adoption in the standard).

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          What version of upstream clang++ are you looking at?  Version 8, Version 9?  Xcode 10 clang is derived from LLVM version 7.0, as far as I can tell.  Apple clang is not one-to-one with released clang/LLVM versions, usually lags a version or two.  Apple has proprietary changes to support its environment, and version upgrade usually occurs at Xcode major releases.  So, it may get to version 8 when Xcode 11 is released.  Remains to be seen.


          You can always used a custom LLVM/clang toolchain with Xcode.