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        I recently installed iPadOS 13.1 Beta 3 on my iPad. I've updated my apps for iOS / iPadOS and they are running fine. However I'm seeing a weird behaviour on the iPad device -
        After launching and then exiting my app, it obviously appears in the Recents section on the Dock. Tapping the app icon on the Dock does NOT re-launch the app. In fact nothing happens when I tap on the app icon in the Dock. However if I tap on the app icon on the main screen of the iPad, then it launches just fine with no issues.

        This is only happening with my apps built against Xcode GM Seed, and on the device. The system apps like Settings, Safari etc launch perfectly fine from the Dock. Furthermore, my apps launch fine from the Dock on the Simulator. Its only on the device that they fail to launch from the Dock.
        Any suggestions or explanations why this is happening?