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        I have a tvOS app that uses AVQueuePlayer and an AVPlayerLayer to display among other things, videos that contain audio tracks. The audio plays fine through the TV the Apple TV device is connected to. However, if you use the Apple TV Settings app to specify an AirPlay 2 speaker (or another Apple TV) as an audio output device, no audio from my application can be heard on the targeted AirPlay device. If you play a video from another app, like the WWDC app, the audio CAN be heard from the AirPlay device.


        To be clear, I'm not necessarily trying to add the ability for a user to choose to Airplay to another device from within my app. At this point, I just want to be able to honor the configuration they may have already made in the devices settings.


        Either I haven't found the right keywords to search for, or this is not a common problem.