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        Notarisation of audio plugin bundles in the AAX format (Pro Tools compatible) is causing a problem. The AAX formatted plugins define a non-standard CFBundlePackageType value of "TDMw" in their Info.plist and that appears to prevent them from being recognised by the notarisation process. If this is artificially changed to "BNDL" as in other plug-in formats notarisation and stapling is successful.


        Although some level of success is observed when attempting to notarise, it is only the Pace components in the bundle that notarise correctly (all AAX plug-ins must be signed by a third party tool from Pace). The actual plug-in fails to notarise unless the package type is changed, so when looking to staple this fails as not everything in the bundle got through the process.


        Is it possible to address this on the notary servers please? It is important to the audio community that we are able to notarise AAX plug-ins and the pkg files that may contain them (this obviously causes the entire pkg installer to fail to staple as well).


        I can provide further details and log files if necessary.


        Thank you


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          We have the same problem with bundles used by our software, which also have a non-standard CFBundlePackageType. I filed FB6716476 about this in July but have received no response since then.


          I changed the extension of our bundle from .xop to .app, and then resubmitted to the notary service. Making this simple change resulted in the notary service notarizing and providing a ticket for the bundle itself. I could then rename the bundle back to .xop and staple the ticket.


          The downside to this approach is that we can't submit a .dmg containing our application the the various .xop bundles we ship for notarization at once. Instead, we notarize all of the .xop bundles first, staple the tickets to the .xop bundles, and then create the .dmg of the application and the .xop bundles and notarize that.