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        Hi all


        newbie questions....


        I have recently (3 days ago) had my first app released in the App Store and my deployment target was iOS 12.2, using Xcode 10.3. This was version 1.


        Obviously I haven't tested my app with the new iPhone 11 devices.


        My question is what is the best way to add support for these new devices when they are released (I expect that they will have iOS13 installed) while still supporting the existing iPhones which have iOS 12.x installed.


        Do I just release a new build (say 1.1) with an iOS 13 deployment target using Xcode 11?  Presumably, devices that are still using iOS 12.x will not be prompted to install this update.


        And what if I have to deploy an update for iOS 12.x only?


        For info, I don't have Xcode 11 beta installed yet, just Xcode 10.3


        Sorry if my questions are a bit basic, I'm a bit new to iOS development