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        I simply manage an expendable table view with constraints to get the following behavior:

        This table view is into the same custom view as the view "Points of intereset" below. This custom view have all its constraints fixed exepted the table view height. When I want to expand the table view, I just have to increase the height constraint of the custom view by doing:

                        for constraint in customView.constraints {
                            if constraint.firstAttribute == .height {
                                constraint.constant = newHeight

        It works perfectly on every iOS version except the iOS 13 which has this behavior:

        The weird thing is that if I do the height constraint change in ViewDidLoad, ViewWillAppear or ViewDidAppear, it have the behavior I expect but not when I do it on user interaction. Also, I tried to do it into and outside a main thread but has no effect.

        After long try, I really think it's a bug from iOS 13. Could someone have an idea about this UI bug ?

        Tried on iPhone 7, iOS:  13.1 (17A5837a) and simulator iPhone 8, iOS 13

        Version Xcode: 11.0 (11A419c)