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        https://developer.apple.com/documentation/sirikit/creating_an_intents_app_extensionGood day


        I am busy looking to integrate with a multitude of voice platforms, one of which is iOS and Siri.


        During our other integrations, we've come to a road-block with something called "Dynamic Entities" (here's the AWS link to same: https://developer.amazon.com/docs/custom-skills/use-dynamic-entities-for-customized-interactions.html)


        - In short, what we are needing to know is if the Siri platform supports dynamic data for loading at runtime.

        An example of this would be to start the app and immediately load a "Slot" of sorts with a list of dynamic names --> then, when this app / skill is invoked, the list provided would be used as the lookup, rather than a manaul one (through another service).


        This way we would increase our success / hit rate, knowing that the list being used for a lookup, would be one we provide - rather than a manual search based off voice input.

        - The list would / could be of .json format and would be different for each consumer of the application (hence, we'd load it at run time).


        Has anyone ever worked on something like this or would this even be something possible at this stage.


        FYI: Other platforms we've worked with have needed work-arounds for this as, although the work is in progress (i.e. Dynamic Entities) - there is nothing complete or working as yet.



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          Please take a look at the dynamic paramter support added to iOS 13. One of the things you can do is provide a dynamic set of options at run time; for example, in a sporting app where the user wants the current score, you could ask the user which game and list a few games currently in progress if the user didn't specify the team.