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        Today I found out that in order for background push to be working on iOS 13, I need to set a new header called "apns-push-type". According to the documentation, this header is "Required when delivering notifications to devices running iOS 13 and later [...]".


        My question is more of a general type: How is a developer supposed to prepare for a new iOS version and become aware of such things?


        The following questions arise:

        • Is there an official document or guidline along the way of "what needs to be changed for the upcoming iOS version"?
        • Why is something like that not mentioned in the release notes?
        • Are we expected to re-read the whole API documentation?
        • Are we expected to watch all WWDC speeches?
        • Are we expected to catch such changes via trial and error using the developer beta versions?
        • ... or did I just miss something?