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        Hi.  I just upgraded to Xcode 10.3.  I've missed several upgrades, and haven't been using it.  I loaded in a program I wrote and got the message my code uses Swift 3.0 and won't work in Xcode 10.3.  And I need to load it into Xcode 10.1 to migrate from Swift 3 to Swift 4. 




        How do I downgrade from Xcode 10.3 to 10.1?  And -- is there a way to do it to preserve 10.3, so I don't have to re-install it again?





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          I wouldn't consider what you need to do as 'down grading'. Instead, leave 10.3 alone, then download 10.1 from More and install it on your boot drive, being sure to rename it during that process. Live large.


          And not to say this will be clean, just perhaps your best approach given your goals.



          - Once opened in a higher version Xcode, a project is liable to complain if you try w/earlier. Open it in Xcode 10.3 first, setting compatibility lower so it won't complain when you open it w/10.1

          - Multiple versions Xcode will all use the same prefs. plist, so certain things you do in one will be reflected in the other.

          - Be sure to option-clean the build folder right after making changes, and after switching from one Xcode to another.


          Good luck.