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        I'm not sure if this is the right forum but I felt the information needed to be broadcast.


        Several years ago I did an audio app for a customer that required tempo detection. To do this we incorporated an SDK called "Superpowered", which at the time was free as long as you gave them credit by running their video ad within the app, which we did.


        Recently I got an email from the Superpowered people to let me know that they had a new product, were changing their terms, and no longer supporting their old product. This is all well and good, except they also said this:


        "Using Superpowered Audio (prior to 1.4.0) after October 1 2019 will cause your apps/products to cease functioning."


        I'm shocked by this statement. It appears to suggest that (1) the audio library either has a built-in expiration time bomb or is secretly communicating with a server; and (2) not only will the library itself cease functioning, but it will take my entire app down with it. It also begs the question as to what else this company is doing in their API that I don't know about and what other information they may be collecting.


        I contacted them to try to clarify and see if I'm understanding this correctly -- they responded with double-talk and no clear answer.


        If this library is actually set up to do what I think, this is highly unethical. Developers should stop using this company's products and Apple would be wise to consider banning them from the app store entirely.