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        Where I work we have ~120 engineers that work on our iOS application. We have started to feel some pain around the limitations testing on phyiscal devices due to the 100 device limit imposed by App Store Connect. When our company was much smaller we were able to allow each developer to register their personal device for use w/ our development/adhoc provisioning profiles however since surpassing 100 engineers and others now needing IPAs (Designers, Product Owners, QA, etc) we are feeling this pain even more and it will only get worse as we continue to grow.


        We have had to start disallowing personal devices from being registered in leu of having ~100 "shared" devices that are owned by our company and managed w/ Mobile Device Management / Device Enrollement Program however this is somewhat cumbersome as each "handoff" requires that iCloud/Find My iPhone/etc must be logged out of. This strategy is also only feasible up to a certain point and will start to lose it's effectiveness as we add more engineers.


        We reached out to Apple to see if could utilized their enterprise program to help w/ this pain but was denied (their explanation is that our app is not internal though most of our builds of it are) and told to utilize Test Flight External groups which does bypass the 100 device limit however the build processing/beta review approval time makes this mostly unusable as by the time the build is available in test flight it's at least a day old and likely stale/irrelevant at that point.


        How do companies w/ large amounts of engineers handle these limitation? We need our engineers and related staff to be able to have current builds that can be loaded onto a large number of devices w/ little/no waiting period.


        Any insight from someone that has experienced/dealt w/ this first-hand is greatly appreciated.