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        On iPadOS13 all "AVAudioPlayerNodes" that are attached to an "AVAudioEngine" are over-released after a "Media Service Rest".


        My application uses the "AVAudioEngine" similar to the "AVAudioEngine3DAudioExample".
        When I reset the media  service (settings>developer>reset media service) my application receives an "AVAudioSession.mediaServicesWereResetNotification". When my app receives this notification, the app reattaches the player nodes to a new AVAudioEngine.


        Like this example from "AVAudioEngine3DAudioExample" ( ~ line 438).


        // Example form AVAudioEngine3DAudioExample
        - (void)createEngineAndAttachNodes {
            _engine = [[AVAudioEngine alloc] init];
            [_engine attachNode:_environment];
            [_engine attachNode:_launchSoundPlayer];
            for (int i = 0; i < _collisionPlayerArray.count; i++)
                [_engine attachNode:[_collisionPlayerArray objectAtIndex:i]]; // <- Crash
        // Example in Swift as I use it in my app
        func createAVAudioEngineAndAttachNodes() {
                // Create a new engine
                self.avAudioEngine = AVAudioEngine()
                // Attach all nodes.
                for player in self.allAudioPlayers {
                    self.avAudioEngine.attach(player)// <- Crash





            EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1, address=0x0)



            #0    0x0000000187538240 in objc_retain ()

            #1    0x00000001944b83a8 in -[AVAudioPlayerNode didAttachToEngine:] ()

            #2    0x00000001944c4690 in AVAudioEngineImpl::AttachNode(AVAudioNode*, bool) ()

            #3    0x00000001944c7dcc in -[AVAudioEngine attachNode:] ()

            #4    ....


        I'm using swift 5 and the code works perfectly on iOS12 and macOS. I assume the media reset somehow destroys the AVAudioPlayerNode because it crashes when the AVFoundation framework trys to retain the audio player.


        Can someone confirm this issu or provide a workaround?