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        I'm very new to Swift and Xcode- teaching myself from youTube, forums, and appCoda. I'm using Xcode 10.

        I find that I constantly have to throw away projects and start from scratch, always for the same reason: I have some code that works great in the simulator. Then I add something to it that causes a sigabrt when I run the sim again. Then I remove the problem code, but I can still never get any code to work- ever again-  in that project- even if I delete EVERYTHING and start completely new with the working bit of code. I can copy and paste the working code from that project into a new one and it works fine, but I can never again get any code to run in the old project once a sigabrt has been generated- it will always generate sigabrt no matter what I do.

        There has to be something I'm missing, because what this means for me is that I can never make a single error in a project or I will have to start again in a new project, and that's awful.

        I have googled myself silly over this and can't find anything like this. Is there something I'm supposed to do to reset a project, or something like that, after removing the sigabrt-causing code?