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        Ok, so I issued a new version of one of our Enterprise Apps to our MDM on August 30th.  The Distribution Profile on the old version expired today.  Around Noon, apparently, because that's when we started getting calls that the app on our devices was not working...  (EDIT: Apparently these devices were handed out to clients *without* updating them to the newest version of the app first...)


        They used the app yesterday, and today before Noon, and there is valuable data in there that we cannot access because the expired app won't run...


        I tried pushing the new version of the app to one of the devices, assuming that would fix it, but THE DATA WAS ERASED when the new version of the app was pushed?!!!  WHY?!!!

        So, I need one of two things.  Either, I need to find out why pushing the new version of the app erases the data in the old version (and get it to stop doing that), or I need to figure out a way to run the old version of the app so I can upload the data to our servers.


        Anyone have any ideas?



        Laurence MacNeill

        Ball Ground, Georgia, USA