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        I'm developing an app to process the bokeh blur. I knew there're many ways to get the round bokeh with fast algorithm. But I still want to use the standard way to process the image, then I can get any shape of bokeh. The major processing code is below,

        for (i = 0; i < radius; i ++)

             for (j = 0; j < radius; j ++)

                  get weight

                  get pixel color



        With up for-next, this filter will take much time in gettting color pixel by pixel. If the radius is 100, then it will run 10,000 times for every pixel. Before getting touch the iOS, I use the standard C language to process those codes. I can cache the image buffer to the L2 or L3 cache in feature phone, so it loads the picture and pixels fastly as I want.


        Is there any way to process the filter as I want? Or is there any way to get repeated pixels fastly?

        Thank you.