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        I have fully working application with CoreNFC, communicating over ISO7816 with my JavaCard applet, everything works fine here. I select the AID of the applet, send APDUs, receive responses.


        The problem is I want to be able to update my applet later in time via iPhone itself. For this I need to select special pre-installed CardManager applet with AID "a000000003000000" (hexcoded). If I add this AID to the com.apple.developer.nfc.readersession.iso7816.select-identifiers array it does not work - empty card is not picked up by the NFC session even though the CardManager applet is present (GlobalPlatformPro shows the applet with this AID as installed on the card).


        So I go another way - I preinstall small placeholder applet on the card, put its AID to the info.plist. This works, card is picked-up by the NFC session and I can start sending custom APDUs.


        If I send SELECT APDU with the card manager AID, "00a4040008a000000003000000", the system returns error "Error: Error Domain=NFCError Code=2 "Missing required entitlement" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Missing required entitlement}"


        Other SELECTs works, but CardManager seems to be somehow protected.


        The question is, can I somehow get the access to the CardManager applet to install a new applet version? Or can I somehow add this entitlement to the app?


        Thanks a lot!