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        I have a installer package with a kernel extension. I've got both of them notarized successfully. I verify that by using this command "spctl -a -vv -t install bundle-name".

        I also add this preinstall script to my package.

        if [[ `/usr/bin/sw_vers -productVersion` == 10.14.5 ]]; then
          /usr/sbin/spctl -a -vvv -t install "$PACKAGE_PATH"; fi


        When I run the installer package on a clean intallation of 10.14.6, I still receive the message box stating my kext is blocked. I need to go to System Preference to click the "Allow" button. How come does this happen even though my package has passed notarization? I'm totally got confused.


        BTW, is there a way to clear some local cache to remove previously approved kext for testing purpose? Thanks!