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        I am trying to add 3D objects to my ARKit app and am having some trouble. I am using the editor to apply the textures to my models, which look kind of awesome in the editor. I have tried working with obj, dae and stl files all of which are coming up with the same error. "The document 'foo.type' could not be autosaved (or saved)"


        Tried adding my assets by dragging and dropping through the project expolorer.

        Tried adding my resources through a .scnassets folder.

        Tried moving my project to various plaes on my computer.

        Tried messing with the files permissions, owenr and group settings

        Tried running xcode as sudo...

        Tried resetting the permissions on my computer... https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203538


        If there is any way or an updates solution to this please let me know.


        Using Xcode 10.3