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        My company plans to create custom usdz files for our clients that can be displayed in AR on iOS devices via Quick Look. Part of our scoping process is to determine what specific devices this service would be available on. It is clear that some older iOS devices(the iPad Air 2 for example) don't support AR in general, but more specifically, they don't support AR Quick Look. We need to be able to inform our clients what devices will or will not work with AR Quick Look so that they can buy new devices if necessary.


        Is there a list anywhere containing all the iOS devices that AR Quick Look will and will not work on? From in-house testing we've concluded that any devices made on or after September 9th, 2015 are most likely eligible for AR Quick Look capabilities, but as we only have a handful of different iOS devices to test with on site, this is just an educated guess.


        I've searched Google and the forums here, but haven't had any luck uncovering this information. Any help would be appreciated.