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        I was testing out Siri 'conversational' interactions with iOS13.1 installed on my device, and somwhow Siri has stopped working entirely on my device! Pressing home activates the Siri prompt, and it says "Go ahead, i'm listening", but none of my voice input actually registers. This is true for my own shortcut triggers as well as anything else I say. THe keyboard dictation is the same ... it activates, but doesn't register anything i say.


        Things I've tried already:

        - rebooting phone

        - turning off Siri, and then enabling it again (at which point, it doesn't get enabled because it doesn't recognize me saying Hey Siri when recording)

        - restoring the device from iCloud backup


        I'm not sure what else to try at this point! I need to get Siri working again to test my new shortcuts! I've already files a Radar about this, but would to know if there is any fix I can try.

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          I've faced some issues also. Any dialog which I've configured Siri to speak, it's not being used. Siri it's using a default and simple message instead use mine. But it's something new for me since as soon as I updated my iOS to 13.1, it was working pretty well (comparing to last version kkk), but last 2 days, I found this issue related to Siri dialog prompt. Siri is replacing any custom message by "What *inputParameter* should be?".

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              zulfishah Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

              Oh, I've been running into that same issue as well over the last 2 days. It's been driving me mad! I posted about it on the forums but it was somehow not been cleared by a moderator.

              I've tried a ton of things to get this issue to work. It works if I add the same intents to a different app (created with a different project), but doesn't work if i add even a basic new intent into any intentdefinition file inside my actual app target. This is happening on multiple devices, and i've even tried to restore one of the devices to factory settings and it still wouldn't work. It's really confusing and frustrating. Let me know if there are any workarounds you discover.