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        I'm trying to use Transporter to lookupMetadata for my app ID 1363309257, using an API key instead of a username and password.


        I created my API key on the https://appstoreconnect.apple.com/access/api page, and configured it with the App Manager role.


        I'm using my API key like this:

        "/usr/local/itms/bin/iTMSTransporter -m lookupMetadata -apiIssuer 69a6de6f-0d6d-47e3-e053-5b8c7c11a4d1 -apiKey 3S3G8T48YW -app_platform ios -apple_id 1363309257  -destination /tmp"


        The apiKey secret file is stored in ~/.appstoreconnect/private_keys/AuthKey_3S3G8T48YW.p8


        When I run that command, I get this error:


        iTMSTransporter says: "You cannot access '1363309257'. An Admin or App Manager has limited your access to this item, or the item does not exist. (1198)"


        I know my API key is good/correct and the App Manager role is correctly configured, because I can use that same secret key to generate a JWT and use it successfully with the REST API. When I curl https://api.appstoreconnect.apple.com/v1/apps/1363309257 using my JWT, I see my app in the response.


        Using the iTMSTransporter with the "-jwt" option with that same JWT fails, with exactly the same "You cannot access" error message.


        Is this my fault? Are API keys just broken with iTMSTransporter? Do I need to report a bug?