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        I discovered tonight in iOS 13 beta 8 that there is a new key and value in the advertisement payload. I didn't notice it before and it very well may have been there prior.


        The key is visible when printing out the advertisementData dict, and a typecast passes as TimeInterval


                if let timespan = advertisementData["kCBAdvDataTimestamp"] as? TimeInterval {
                    print("Adv date intv \(timespan)")


        I didn't see this documented in the API reference under new or old keys. Is this going to be in production? Android API captures timestamp of adv packet since boot--it would be nice to have something similar on iOS (point of reference can be epoch).


        These are the values that it was decoding as:


        Adv date intv 588221792.199425

        Adv date intv 588221793.25799

        Adv date intv 588221794.237889

        Adv date intv 588221795.255606

        Adv date intv 588221796.249666

        Adv date intv 588221797.243745


        They're nothing close to the epoch or seconds since boot. I got this out of the payload on my polar HR7.


        ["kCBAdvDataManufacturerData": <6b000900 0000>, "kCBAdvDataTimestamp": 588222227.821503, "kCBAdvDataServiceUUIDs": <__NSArrayM 0x280657cf0>(

        Heart Rate


        , "kCBAdvDataLocalName": Polar H7 --------, "kCBAdvDataIsConnectable": 1, "kCBAdvDataTxPowerLevel": 0]