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        Upon scanning for services and characteristics, we find  two characteristics for which we would like to receive notifications. On turning on notifications, we are getting this error:


        CBATTErrorDomain Code=5 "Authentication is insufficient."


        When: on setNotifyValue(true,




        <CBService: 0x282fe6a40, isPrimary = YES, UUID = 2456E1B9-26E2-8F83-E744-F34F01E9D701>


        <CBCharacteristic: 0x281e5e040, UUID = 2456E1B9-26E2-8F83-E744-F34F01E9D704, properties = 0x3C, value = (null), notifying = NO>


        2456E1B9-26E2-8F83-E744-F34F01E9D704: properties contains .notify... calling setNotifyValue(true…


        ERROR: Error Domain=CBATTErrorDomain Code=5 "Authentication is insufficient." UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Authentication is insufficient.} -


        <CBCharacteristic: 0x281e5df80, UUID = 2456E1B9-26E2-8F83-E744-F34F01E9D703, properties = 0x3C, value = (null), notifying = NO>


        Any ideas?


        Thanks in advance.