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        So, The weirdest thing happened to me...

        I got a problem with not being able to option click a source file to open it next to the source file I'm working on.
        Weird.... So, I booted back into my pre-catalina OS, and tested there. Option click works there.
        So, back to Catalina beta. Created a new user account. Switched to that account, started xcode, created a new project and voila. Option click works. I thought I knew the fix: Use the new user account and work from there. So I open the project I was working on and...... No more option click to open a source file next to another source file.

        So, on the same machine, same partition, same XCode, same XCode settings (!!!), I can use option clicking in projectONE on source files to open them next to the active editor, but not on projectTWO.

        What could be the problem?