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        We are developing a new iOS App, this App have Customer Login with 2FA; per my past experience during App Review process Apple Review Team may check App functionality using App. In case they check login module we need to provide them the login credentials, else they will hold the App Approval.


        Can you please advise:


        ·       Is it mandatory to provide login credentials

        ·       Do Apple check the entire login flow including OTP or only login would suffice

        ·       If OTP is required, how to pass them the OTP

        ·       Does the login account to have entire features enabled or blank dashboard post login is fine



        Vinod Arya

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          chuckc192000 Level 3 Level 3 (245 points)

          Nobody here can answer these questions (except the answer to the first question is probably yes since they wouldn't be able to test your app without it).

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            What I would do in such a situation:

            - provide login credentials

            for the OTP, explain the situation in full transparency:

            - that you have assumed that login was enough and did not provide One Time Password,

            - if OTP required, could they explain how to provide them with OTP


            for last question, it is better to have access to all functionalities, because they want to check for hidden features. So I guess they will need OTP.