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        My app posts a local notification to the UNNotificationCenter & I  attach an image with the notification. If I press the notification in the notifcation center to launch my app, my UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate gets hit with -userNotificationCenter:userNotificationCenter:withCompletionHandler:


        If I dig for the attachment I provided the notification, I do get an URL, but I can't access the resource.


        - (void)userNotificationCenter:(UNUserNotificationCenter*)center
              UNNotificationRequest *request = response.notification.request;
              UNNotificationContent *content = request.content;
               for (UNNotificationAttachment *aAttachment in content.attachments)
                  NSURL *fileURL = aAttachment.URL;
                 //If I attempt to do anything with the URL fails. I do get a URL (not nil) but I cannot access it. 


        Is an app not able to do anything with a notification's attached resources?