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        NSWorkspace has the method `open(_:withAppBundleIdentifier: [...] )`:



        > Opens one or more files from an array of URLs.



            func open(_ urls: [URL],
                 withAppBundleIdentifier bundleIdentifier: String?,
                 options: NSWorkspace.LaunchOptions = [],
                 additionalEventParamDescriptor descriptor: NSAppleEventDescriptor?,
                 launchIdentifiers identifiers:) -> Bool





        The NSApplicationDelegate *of the app you want to open* has corresponding methods that are called to open the URL(s) you provide:



            func application(_ sender: NSApplication, openFile filename: String) -> Bool
            func application(_ sender: NSApplication, openFiles filenames: [String])





        Back to `open(_:withAppBundleIdentifier: [...])`, that method has an NSAppleEventDescriptor parameter:



        > **`additionalEventParamDescriptor descriptor: NSAppleEventDescriptor?`**

        > Additional options specified in an AppleEvent-style descriptor. For example, you could use this parameter to specify additional documents to open when the app is launched.






        ###I would like to send additional information to the app that will open the files.



        This would be used similarly to the `userInfo` dictionary on a notification.



        I've constructed a `NSAppleEventDescriptor` object to represent this information. I can set this event descriptor in the NSWorkspace `open( ... )` function.



        But how do I **receive** this event descriptor in Application Delegate of the target app?



        The `application(_: openFile:)` functions have no parameters for the event descriptors or any other "`userInfo`"-type additional information.






        ## Code



        Based on answers and other questions, I settled on the solution below. I am now getting a triggered handler for Apple Events. But the Apple Event that I am setting on the NSWorkspace function is not the one that is received in the handler! How do I get **my** Apple Event instead?






        ## Send


        let appleEvent = NSAppleEventDescriptor(eventClass:       AEEventClass(kCoreEventClass),
                                                eventID:          AEEventID(kAEOpenDocuments),
                                                targetDescriptor: nil,
                                                returnID:         AEReturnID(kAutoGenerateReturnID),
                                                transactionID:    AETransactionID(kAnyTransactionID))
        appleEvent.setDescriptor(NSAppleEventDescriptor(string: "THIS IS A TEST"), forKeyword: AEKeyword(keyDirectObject))
        let didOpen = AppKit.NSWorkspace.shared.open([URL(fileURLWithPath: "/path/image.png")],
                                                     withAppBundleIdentifier: bundleID,
                                                     options: [.withErrorPresentation],
                                                     additionalEventParamDescriptor: appleEvent,
                                                     launchIdentifiers: nil)

        ### Sent Apple Event:



        > `<nsappleeventdescriptor: 'aevt'\'odoc'{="" '----':'utxt'("this="" is="" a="" test")="" }="">`





        ## Receive



        class AppDelegate: NSObject, NSApplicationDelegate {
            func applicationDidFinishLaunching(_ aNotification: Notification) {
                                                             andSelector: #selector(handle(event:replyEvent:)),
                                                             forEventClass: AEEventClass(kCoreEventClass),
                                                             andEventID: AEEventID(kAEOpenDocuments))
            @objc func handle(event: NSAppleEventDescriptor?, replyEvent: NSAppleEventDescriptor?) {
                guard let event = event,
                    event.eventClass == AEEventClass(kCoreEventClass) && event.eventID == AEEventID(kAEOpenDocuments) else {
                guard let directObject = event.paramDescriptor(forKeyword: keyDirectObject) else {


        ### Received Apple Event:


           <NSAppleEventDescriptor: 'aevt'\'odoc'{ '----':[ 'bmrk'(888/$626F [....] 00000...$) ] }>


        Can anyone help me understand why the Apple event I send along with NSWorkspace `open()` is not the Apple Event that I receive in my handler?


        Sorry for the wall of text above (easier to see in markdown)


        Please let me know if there's anything I can add.