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        So, I'm trying to do something which I think would make sense. My app pulls in content. Say 10 journal entries from a server that belong to a particular folder group. Now all 10 should get a notification (so 1 UNNotificationContent for each). All 10 UNNotificationContent instances  share the same threadIdentifier. They should get stacked in the same group in the Notification Center. Okay that works....but...


        what I notice is sometimes the notifications fire one after another...so the user gets rapid fire notifications which is annoying. What would make sense (I think) would be to coalesce the notifications into one event. The system (it seems) does this automatically *sometimes* but it isn't good enough (I don't think?). I still get Notification Center flooding.  I tried sharing one UNTimeIntervalNotificationTrigger for multiple UNNotificationRequest objects (thinking that if the fireDate is the same, the Notification Center will batch these into one event). But it seems when I do that, only one notification actually gets shown and all the others get dropped (they  don't get stacked in the notification center for each request).

        I can artificially make some notifications fire at some point in  the future (10 minutes later, a half hour later, whatever) but I don't see why that would be necessary if the problem can be resolved by just  stacking the notifications on top of eachother and having 1 beep be shared for a bunch of notifications.