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        I am Japanese and am not good at English.

        It may be difficult to read, but please understand.


        In the sandbox environment, it is necessary to test "Approval and purchase request (Ask-To-Buy)" of in-app purchase.

        Therefore, "Family sharing" was set.

        However, I was charged at the child terminal, but the approval notification did not reach the parent terminal.


        Tested with the following configurations.


        ■Family sharing settings

        A 16-year-old account is added as a child to the parent account.

        "Approval and purchase request (Ask-To-Buy)" is set to "On".


        ■Parent terminal


        Sign in to sandbox environment with parent account

        ・iTunes and AppStore

        Sign in with a regular account (not a sandbox account) with payment information registered (because credit card information could not be registered with the tester account)


        ■Child terminal


        Sign in to the sandbox environment with your child account

        ・iTunes and AppStore

        Sign in with the same account as iCloud


        How do I set up notifications on the parent device?

        Please help me.