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        Prior to iOS 13 it was possible to change the color of the text (+ and -) of a UIStepper by setting the desired color in the tintColor attribute.

        Unfortunately in iOS 13 (beta 7) this no longer works and the text color is always black.


        Has anyone found a way to change the stepper text color?


        Thank you



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          I just received an official response from Apple. They say that this is the intended behaviour. That's weird.


          However, I still think it's a iOS 13 bug because if you assign an image (setIncrementImage or setDecrementImage) the component start to correctly respond to tintColor. You can even set it's default image!


          So, in conclusion, if you want to change the tint color of a UIStepper in iOS13 you need to add these two lines of code:


          stepper.setDecrementImage(stepper.decrementImage(for: .normal), for: .normal)
          stepper.setIncrementImage(stepper.incrementImage(for: .normal), for: .normal)