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        I have an idea of an MFi accessory that I want to make and I know stuff about electronics, so I want to design and prototype it myself. However, Apple provides no resources for individuals on creating MFi accessories. Apple did say that hobbyists don’t need to apply for the MFi program so where should I turn for resources?

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          Your question is pretty vague/high level and you don't talk about what type of device, etc. so at this point, the advice is that google is your friend, but even then hardware is a bit off-topic, so don't expect too much help here...as well, I'm not sure thatusing this particular forum helps your case.


          If you're looking to hire someone, keep in mind that devForums isn't a job board.

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            The MFi FAQ is pretty clear about this:

            Q: I want to develop an MFi accessory for personal use. Can I join the MFi Program?


            A: No.  We recommend that you use a third-party hobbyist solution which will allow you to connect iOS devices to serial devices and to write iOS apps that communicate with these serial devices.

            I’m not an MFi expert, but I believe the “third-party hobbyist solution” it’s referring to is here is the one from Redpark.

            One other thing to consider is HomeKit.  While MFi is tightly controlled, HomeKit has specific affordances for hobbyists.  For details, see the HomeKit page.

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