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        Our app was rejected becuase the reviewer was not able to access the functions in the app without connecting to our Mobile Backend.

        Specifically, the app is a Mobile Shopping app that requires the user to be in the retailer's physical store and connect to the store's WiFi network in order to use the app.   The issue for us is that the Mobile Shopping backend requires specific hardware and for security reasons we cannot expose it on the public internet for the app reviewer to connect to and test the app.


        We have submitted a demo video for the app reviewer to pass the app store review and in the past the video has been sufficient, but it seems Apple has changed this requirement:

        "Demo videos of app functionality that is geo-locked or otherwise restricted are not accepted."


        Any ideas on how we can work with the App Review Team to get this app accepted on the app store ?




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               >how we can work with the App Review Team


          Since App Review isn't here, that sounds like a question you would want to put directly to review via an appeal. They are the only ones that can speak to specific conditions about recent changes to their requirements, etc.