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        I want to build an app for personal/work use. I say personal/work because when I need something for work, or to use on my own. Normally, they are just algorithmic apps where you enter some known variables and a formula in the app will calculate the result. This time, I want to build an app that counts, using the iPhone camera, something similiar to the OpenCV People Counter, that counts people crossing a virtual line. I work in the poultry business as a maintenance tech and MRO Inventory Manager, and this app will make it easy to use to count how many shackles are on the line and I can also build it to give the output of how fast the line is running in birds per minute. I am pretty sure the AR kit is needed, but I do not know where to look to see if there is a framework available in the kit. I am not asking for a code (which would be great), I want to learn on my own and I learn best when I have to do it. I just need to get pointed in the right direction.