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        I have been searching a lot on using the decimalPad as the UIKeyboardType while using Webkit and WKWebview.  I understand it is not possible to call out the decimalpad using the HTML as it is unfortunately limited.  However, is it possible to call out the decimalPad from within the view controller while using the Webkit and WKWebview?  As in, any input keyboard is forced to use the decimalPad?


        i have a calculation app and although it is in the instructions it is the most frequent confusion because the default numeric keyboard does not have a decimal point, the users have to hit +*# and then use the * as the decimal point.  This is not very intuitive and frequently confusing.


        I tried adding the UIKeyboardType and set it as the decimal pad but it says it is unused.  The build runs but the keyboard does not change to a decimalPad.


        Below is the link I referenced, the decimalPad option is what I am trying to force in the webview.  Is it possible? 




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